Guided visit Carouge: History of…water The Babbling Fountains 8.08 / 22.08 / 12.09 / 17.10

A stroll from fountain to fountain: from the monumental, classic fantasy of Jean-Daniel Blavignac on the place du Marché, a creation dedicated to the glory of the Arve River, to the scintillating water flow in the five shallow pools with geometric shaped forms conceived by Georges Brera on Blvd. des Promenandes. The cheerful fountains, for the young at heart, become “Carouge Beach” during the summer. Continuing on the route to other babbling fountains, classified historic monuments and also signed by the architect (look for the signature), we admire the enigmatic contemporary design of the modern basin at the place de l’Octroi, then are captivated by the gothic elements of the fountain in the place du Temple.  Various styles, materials, and periods but above all discreet witness to so much history, the many fountains are not only decorative features, but privileged gathering sites where people meet in an atmosphere of conviviality.

Departure: Mairie, place du Marché 14
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