Guided visit: Carouge and its hidden gardens – 25.07 / 1.08 / 15.08 / 29.08 / 19.08 / 3.10

Carouge and its hidden gardens 2020

Discover Carouge and its unexpected gardens

Behind the neatly restored façades, an unexpected world is opening in front of us: a  small world, typically “carougeois”, which allows us to penetrate its mystery and welcomes us kind-hearted and somewhat mischievously. We push a door and suddenly we take the time to inhale the perfume of the roses, of the old lilac, or to glance with a hint of nostalgia at the old bicycle leaning against the wall. Conviviality being an outstanding feature of the Carougeois, some families warmly  open their homes to us,  in order to share, during our visit, this privileged atmosphere. Strolling around, we can see or guess the shape of a tree, of a bench behind the workshop of a craftsman, those elements which make us dream of hidden courtyards and secret gardens.