Carouge – The Irresistible Charm

Just a stone’s throw from Geneva city center,  Carouge is a corner of  Mediterranean, built in the eighteenth century by the will of the King of Piedmont-Sardinia.

This quaint and cozy little town is a haven for artists and craftsmen, fashionable boutiques, little bistro’s and restaurants for gourmets.

Strong with of its long collaboration and relation of trust and friendship with the craftsmen and the inhabitants of the city, Illico Travel & Business Services is the only guardian of the keys of Carouge -able to organize for you special discoveries, meetings with the craftsmen and… to let you penetrate private courtyards or gardens, always with great gratitude to the warm and friendly Carougeois.

You will love our special visits:

  • Zig-zag Carouge
  • Carouge, its artists and craftsmen
  • Carouge and its secret gardens
  • Carouge at the top
  • Carouge, the watchmaking innovation

Wishing to know more?

Visit our “baby”, the portal of information in Carouge, interactive, cheerful, full of ideas and anecdotes, as life in Carouge!

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